Most stylish celeb family award goes to...

By HaleyO
Most stylish celeb family award goes to...

This photo doesn't really need any words. Just gaze at the gorgeousness and perfection of the STYLE.

Even Kingston's "K" shirt and plaid patched pants. Fabulous! And Zuma's -- what is that? -- a leg warmer? COOL. They are the epitome, embodiment, manifestation of STYLE.

Gwen and Gavin are in London (where the above was photoed yesterday) with sons Kingston (4) and Zuma (2.5) visiting family and enjoying the silent aftermath of the Royal Wedding (perhaps). Apparently they have a home there....

LOVE! I've gotta go get me some mirror glasses and hot red lipstick. Wait. Only Gwen Stefani can pull that off (I'm looking at you, Christina Aguilera...).

xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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