Moms sparkled at the SAG awards!

What's there to say? The moms *showed up* on the red carpet at last night's SAG awards looking as fa-bu-lous. Guess whose night it was overall, though

The red carpet was on FIYAH last night with all the amazing gowns. The celebs sparkled in what might be the best collection of dresses ever. Even Meryl Streep (below) showed up in a relatively nice, albeit sombre grey dress, whose pockets inched it closer (than the Globes’ cowgirl catasrophe) to the best-dressed list; she’s still far from it, though, of course, landing herself yet again on everyone’s worst-dressed list.

But it wasn’t Meryl’s night anyway. It was Viola Davis’ (left) night. She sparkled in her cream and gold Marchesa gown, and her skin glowed, as she accepted her awards for Outstanding Female Actress (beating out shoe-ins Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams) and Best Ensemble Cast (for The Help). Before the show, she beamed about how her newly adopted daughter loved her dress, and said she’s a little “long in the tooth” for more children.

So, no, sighh, it wasn’t Meryl’s night, shockingly. I thought for sure she’d win for The Iron Lady! Now I don’t know what to put on my Oscar pool card…. Here she is in her iron dress….

See? It’s not TERRIBLE.

It wasn’t Michelle Williams’ night either (again, shockingly). But she did look stunning in her bright red Valentino gown. “Is that a boy with short hair?” my daughter asked….

When interviewed on the red carpet, Michelle said she had no new projects lined up and was looking forward to “being a mom” for a while. She looked very pretty in red, and poised to win the SAG. But it wasn’t her night. LOVE the shoes…!

Sophia Vergara had a great night, though. Although she didn’t win the Best Actress award she was nominated for (Betty White, of course, scooped that one up), she did take home a Best Ensemble in a Comedy TV Series award for Modern Family. She looked gorj last night in this Marchesa dress (Marchesa had a good night!)….

It was a gorj dress, to be sure, but it didn’t surprise. It was another strapless, Jessica-Rabbit dress, out of which she was spilling perhaps a little too much when she climbed the stairs to receive her award. On the red carpet, she said she’d like it if people not only noted her fabulous bust, but also her derriere! This dress definitely highlighted it. I do love her!

This fashion roundup is far from complete. But it wouldn’t come close to completion without mention of Angelina Jolie’s stunning Jenny Packham halter gown. I LOVED THIS….

Hmmm…. This looked better on TV. Probably because the camera adds 10 pounds. On TV she looked like she had a little more meat on her bones. I even tweeted about it (typo and all)….

You know what would make it look better RIGHT NOW, though? Her best accessory: BRAD PITT in Balenciaga. Ready for it? *SWOON*

In her red carpet interview, Angelina hinted at the possibility of starring in another movie with BRAD! She said that she and Brad have been taking turns working so that one of them is always with the kids, but they’ve started thinking it may be great for them to work together so they can make a schedule that works for everyone. “We’re planning on it,” Angelina said. “We haven’t found anything specific yet, but we really want to…we’re working on it.”

Sounds good to me! She also said that before they left for the awards, their kids asked if they could sleep in Brad and Ang’s bed. Sounds familiar!

Pssst. Want to see some Brad/Ang SAG PDA action? Everyone’s talking about it. (You’ll also see photos of Angelina immersed in conversation with the amazing Tilda Swinton, and more!) Checkit!

xo Haley-O

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