Molly Sims shares her ultrasound pic over lunch

Molly's been sharing every aspect of her pregnancy with friends and fans

DMac/FameFlynet Pictures

Forgive me, Gorgeouses, for I have been M.I.A. for a whole THREE days. That’s a record amount of days off for this workaholic. But, man oh man, did I ever need it. I didn’t even check email!

Oh, well, maybe I checked it once or twice. But I didn’t even get my mom’s texts yesterday. And she texts often. THAT’S how offline I was. Bliss!

But I’m happy to be back. And I’m happy to share this photo of Molly Sims (38) sharing her ultrasound pic with friends at lunch (above).

Fans of the model/actress/host of Project Accessory may know that Molly’s very open about her pregnancy, and is documenting her belly’s growth pretty-much monthly on on her website, so I’m sure this sonogram will show up there soon.

In the meantime, look how lovely in this floral sun dress and ballet flats….

Molly’s due in June, by the way, so that makes her, ohhhhh (and I’m no mathematician…), 21 weeks? OK, I cheated, she posted her 21-week “bump watch” on her website just yesterday.

xo Haley-O

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