Modern Family's Julie Bowen on motherhood and fitness

Now we know what Julie Bowen does for exercise.... Sweet that it involves her kids and a state-of-the-art scooter! Check out this sweet photo of her jogging alongside her son.

Now we know what Julie Bowen, 42, does for exercise.

…Or maybe Julie just jogs everywhere! Indeed, the Emmy-award-winning Modern Family star has been criticized for being too skin-and-bones. But she also seems, much like her character, Claire, to have a lot of energy. So maybe it’s that too.

Here’s what she recently told the UK’s Metro about her slim physique: “I do like running but for my mental health, mainly. And I have three kids, who have never let me eat a full meal in years, so those two things in combo work out quite well.” Ha! Yup, that would do it.

So here’s Julie is running with her adorable 5.5-year-old son, Oliver (the oldest of her three kids). And, by all accounts, she had some trouble keeping up with the little guy. Why? Probably because he’s not just on a regular scooter — that’s an electric scooter.

I for one had no idea electric scooters existed (have I been living in a cave)? And I’m glad my 5-year-old doesn’t know they exist either because I have a hard enough time keeping up with him on his regular scooter — not to mention keeping up with my little dog, Betty White, who races to get home as soon as we leave our house!

And in case you’re wondering where you’ve seen Oliver’s awesome spiked helmet before…checkit! Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son, Kingston, 6, has the same one.

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