Michelle Williams & Jason Segel pick up Matilda from gymnastics (photos!)

Michelle Williams and her boyfriend, Jason Segel, were spotted picking up Michelle's daughter, Matilda Ledger, from a gymnastics yesterday. Cute photos!

Ohh, love them! Don’t you? This relationship is definitely keeper material.

Hollywood’s favourite trio, Michelle Williams, 31, Jason Segel, 32, and Michelle’s daughter (with the late Heath Ledger), Matilda, 6, were spotted returning together from Matilda’s gymnastics class in LA, California, yesterday.

The three looked like a happy family as they laughed, waved at photographers and just plain looked cute — Michelle in her typical feminine, above-the-knee (she has the best legs) floral sun dress and character shoes, Jason in his typical laid-back button-down shirt and jeans, and Matilda matching Mom in her sweet floral tee.

We love how fair Michelle keeps her skin (odd in Hollywood…). She looks luminous! And I’m sure her happy relationship is helping with that too. Here are some more pics….

xo Haley-O

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