Meet Rudy: Sesame Street's new muppet is Abby Cadabby's stepbrother

A new monster has come to Sesame Street, and he's here to teach kids all about blended families.

Sesame Street has introduced another new neighbour: Rudy! This cute little guy is Abby Cadabby’s new three-year-old stepbrother, and he’s come to Sesame Street to show viewers how fun it can be to have a blended family.

At first, Abby and Rudy may seem like they’re very different—Abby’s a fairy and Rudy’s a monster—but they’re learning to love and accept each other.    blended-families    
   Blended families: Don't call my family broken
Like with a lot of sibling relationships, though, Abby’s going to have her hands full looking after her new little brother, who has a tendency to borrow her magic wand to transform himself into different objects like a banana or a dog.

A recent Statistics Canada report on children’s family life following the 2016 census showed that about 1 in 10 children aged 0 to 14 (9.8%) were living in a stepfamily household. With the addition of Rudy, these kids can finally see their families represented on the show.

Kids can head over to the Sesame Street website to play a game of Spot the Difference featuring our new monster friend. A new episode featuring Rudy and Abby will air on August 12 on PBS and HBO stations.

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