Me, Harley Pasternak and a sugar rush!

By HaleyO
Me, Harley Pasternak and a sugar rush!

I had a great day with Harley Pasternak today. And I am wiped! DUNZO. He worked me out HARD. So I'm going to cheat on the gossip today and give you a Harley-approved (i.e., sugar free) SUGAR RUSH!

I will say that I had a blast getting the star treatment, thanks to the fab Today's Parent team (which included Art Director, Jo-Anne Martin Grier -- she made me laugh). Got my makeup and hair did (by the gorj Michelle Rosen) and a sweet outfit (thanks to the lovely Vanessa Taylor)....

"Artistic" photo angle aside, how about that hair and makeup and Lululemon shirt!? Loved it!

And, best of all, I got a little one-on-one time with Harley, and he gave me some great tips, which we'll share in the June issue of Today's Parent Magazine and right here on

Stay tuned for -- GAH! -- video of me doing Harley's celeb-tested twists, skater lunges and more! I have NO idea what it looks like. I'm relying on our fab Web editor, the awesome Andrew Dunlop, to edit the flabbier bits.

Hit it, Andrew!

Oh, that's right. I'm supposed to be passing out from exhaustion right about now. It was a bit of an overwhelming day! In the meantime, ready for your SUGAR RUSH? CHECKIT!

♥ Ali Larter calls birth of "Teddy" a "comedy of errors" | Hollybaby - checkit!

♥ Preggers Kate Hudson says "it feels like a girl" | Babble - checkit!

♥ Preggers Victoria Beckham's craving the marmalade | The Sun - checkit!

♥ Will Ferrell to guest star in 4 episodes of The Office(!) | People - checkit!

♥ Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony are trying for baby #3 | I'm Not Obsessed - checkit!

♥ First glimpse of Ali Larter and baby Theodore | Celebrity Baby Scoop - checkit!

Nom nom....


xo Haley-O

Photo of me and Harley: Andrew Dunlop (cropped horribly by moi)

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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