Mark McGrath and his adorable family

Check out Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath, his fiancee and adorable twins returning from a birthday party.

Remember Mark McGrath? Lots of us had a crush on him back when he was the frontman for Sugar Ray, right?

Well, look at him now as handsome as ever at 44, enjoying the day with his sweet family — fiancée Carin Kingsland and their 2-year-old twins, Hartley and Lydon.

They’re photo’d here returning from a birthday party in LA, California, earlier this week.

Mark’s been very open about his twins’ conception via IVF. Both he and Carin had fertility odds stacked against them, but they were blessed to conceive Hartley and Lydon after just one round of IVF.

“People say Lydon looks like me,” Mark told People Magazine, “and Hartley has a Latin flavor to her — she’s got darker skin and big beautiful lips like Carin.”

So pretty!

xo Haley-O

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