10 things you didn’t know about Netflix’s Love is Blind

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By Sasha Emmons, FLARE
10 things you didn’t know about Netflix’s Love is Blind

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With the last episode out on Netflix, season 1 of Love is Blind is officially over. But that doesn’t mean we’re quite ready to let it go. What’s happened in the year and a half since the series wrapped on production? What juicy stuff didn’t we see? And who’s struggling and who’s thriving post-pod? We immersed ourselves in #podlife to report on the juiciest nuggets to come out of the Love is Blind media blitz, including the March 5 reunion. Fair warning: This piece is comprised *entirely* of spoilers.

Producers cast via Instagram

Unlike a lot of reality dating shows, producers decided to cast from the same geographical area, giving the couples one less barrier to actually staying together. But how did they find their Atlanta-based cast? In an interview with CNN, Lauren and Cameron said producers slid into their Insta DMs. Which kind of begs the question: Why create a series exploring our obsession with appearances by mining a platform that’s all about (often misleading) appearances?

There were other engagements than the ones shown

In our interview with the defacto pod therapist Rory, we discovered that two other engagements happened (including his own). Why weren’t they shown? It turns out producers only planned for five storylines, and didn’t have enough crew to follow the eight that actually happened. Rory’s engagement didn’t take in the end but note to producers: Staff up for season 2!

Politics *were* discussed

Given how divisive politics are in the US right now, and what a litmus test Trump is, it felt strange that none of the couples seemed to wade into political territory. But as Cameron explained in that CNN interview, he and Lauren spent more than 100 hours together before getting engaged, so a lot was left on the cutting room floor. They did in fact discuss politics; Cameron came in with a list of questions that included this topic. (We like to think he had a no-MAGA rule.)

Contestants didn’t have to wait until the altar to say “I don’t”

The moment I started feeling morally shady for enjoying this show was when the altar jilts began. Surely no one would willingly choose to dress up in wedding attire and walk down the aisle knowing they were about to drop a breakup bomb in front of friends and family unless they were contractually obligated to do so. But an interview with executive producer Chris Coelen revealed that the timing was Jessica, Damian and Kelly’s choice. Way to go for maximum humiliation, guys!

Producers are open to a more sexually fluid version of the show

Colen has acknowledged the show is heteronormative and is open to exploring how it might work to include a spectrum of sexual preferences in future seasons. HERE. FOR. THIS.

Lauren’s dad has softened up


Cameron is quietly sweet, so we felt scared for him when he met Lauren’s gruff and glasses-twiddling dad, especially after she left the two of them alone. Cameron handled himself well, but the meeting still seem to send on an iffy “we’ll see” note. But apparently Lauren’s dad has come around, and now considers Cameron a son.

Nick Lachey knows you made fun of him

On Twitter, Lachey has self-owned his now iconic introduction (“I’m obviously Nick Lachey”), letting us know he knows that was kind of a dick thing to say. But then he really leaned in and repeated it again when he introduced himself at the top of the reunion special. Who would have thought a former member of 98 Degrees would have the first official catchphrase of 2020?

Carlton regrets he didn’t marry Diamond

In another interview with CNN, Carlton says he doesn’t regret the timing of his coming out as bisexual to then-fiance Diamond, but at the reunion, he admitted tearfully he’d give anything to be part of one of the married couples.

The guys were all hot for Lauren

When asked about their physical impressions of the other contestants, both Kenny and Damian eagerly volunteered that Lauren was “captivating” and that they had crushed on her. (Same.)

Gianinna and Damian got back together

After saying “I don’t” to Gigi (who had *just* said the opposite), Damian said he didn’t think this wasn’t the end of their love story—and we all collectively wondered what planet he was living on. But it turns out being jilted at the altar was not a deal breaker, and the couple are still together. Damian explained in the reunion that he thought they’d both decide not to get married that day and walk out together, and was surprised she wanted to take the plunge. In an interview with People, the couple revealed they met up to talk just hours after that dramatic wedding dress tear and have worked things out.

This article was originally published on Mar 06, 2020

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