Whoa! Kylie Jenner created an entire theme park for Stormi's 2nd birthday

You thought you went over the top for your kid's last birthday, but wait until you see what Kylie put into her daughter's personal theme park, Stormi World.

If money wasn’t an issue, what kind of birthday party would you throw your kid? Would you get a bouncy castle? A flock of princesses to entertain your guests? Or how about an entire theme park with three different worlds based on your kid’s current interests?

If you picked that last option, you’d be in the same boat as celeb mom Kylie Jenner, who did just that for her daughter Stormi’s second birthday this past weekend. The party looked amazing and let’s just say, no expense was spared. Take a look:

The theme park, aptly named Stormi World, included full-sized carnival rides and the birthday girl’s likeness everywhere you looked. We’re talking a photo booth where guests could pose with huge pillows with Stormi’s face on them, a claw machine filled with smaller versions of the pillows, and a gift shop full of Stormi-themed merch. The entrance to the party was also a huge (albeit slightly unsettling) inflatable made to look like Stormi’s head— a nod to her dad Travis Scott’s music video for his song “Sicko Mode.”

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Equally fun and unsettling (fun-settling?) was the giant head inside the park that reminds us of a creation Sid from Toy Story might have dreamt up, and the Stormi mascot (which you can see more clearly by tapping through Kylie’s Instagram story highlights.)

Three boys with a birthday cake at a birthday party I spent $25 on my kid's birthday party and it was the best one everStormi must be a big fan of both the Frozen and Trolls movies, because on top of the Stormi-themed park, each franchise had their own dedicated mini-land complete with ice sculptures, lavish decor and people dressed up as the characters. Who says you have to settle on one theme? Not Kylie.

Listen, don’t feel bad. Kylie obviously didn’t pull this off alone, staying up late sewing Stormi merch at her kitchen table. So if you got your kid some balloons and a cake for their second birthday, you’re probably doing just fine. Besides, birthday parties in the early years are more for the parents, right?

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