Kelly Clarkson: It'll be a girl—plus morning sickness tip

Singer Kelly Clarkson tweets she's having a baby girl and recommends (to other moms-to-be) the only food she can keep down right now.

Kelly Clarkson: It'll be a girl—plus morning sickness tip Photo: Kelly Clarkson via Instagram

Update on Kelly Clarkson's pregnancy! The Grammy award-winning original American Idol has announced she and hubby Brandon Blackstock are having a girl.

“We just found out we’re having a girl officially!" she tweeted Monday. "I knew it! Only a girl could cause this much drama with all this vomiting ha!”

As we learned last month, the name Kelly, 31, and Brandon chose won't change now that they know they're having a girl. “Honestly, the name we’ve picked, if it’s a boy or a girl, it’s the same name,” she said on The Ellen Show. “It’s a random name. But it’s not like … ‘Blue Jazz.’ It’s not going to be a weird name.”

Kelly's been quite active on Twitter, airing out her morning-sickness woes. In fact, she recently recommended a new remedy. "Ladies if you r pregnant & sick as a dog trust me when I say the one thing u will keep down might just be 'baked potatoes' #godblesspotatoes," she tweeted.

What was one thing you could keep down during bouts of morning sickness? For me it was crackers. Crackers, crackers, crackers.


This is the first child for Kelly, and the third for Brandon, who's also dad to Seth, 6, and Savannah, 12. Just the other day, I was listening to a radio show hosted by Kelly, and she shared a song "her kids love" — so sweet. They apparently have a solid relationship. She's going to be a great mom!

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This article was originally published on Jan 21, 2014

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