Kate Middleton's birth vs. yours—IN GIFS!

It's definitely not fair to compare ourselves to Kate Middleton (she IS a princess after all), but it's still fun! Here's your pregnancy vs. hers—in GIFS!

By Jen Warman

Kate Middleton's birth vs. yours—IN GIFS!

Photo: Tolga Akmen - WPA Pool/Getty Images

While the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton tackles the third trimester in heels and the chicest maternity fashion, you're on day 5 of the same yoga pants. While she has a 23 person delivery team, you have a taxi driver and an anxious partner you hope knows how to catch babies. While she has a team of stylists prepping her for her first mother and baby photo, you’re wearing 48-hour-old mascara and have a phone that you *think* will have enough storage for that first pic.

We know Kate Middleton didn't feel well during her pregnancy, given the extreme morning sickness she experienced, but she sure made it look good. Of course we can only fantasize about what it would be like to walk a 24-karat-gold-paved mile in Kate Middleton’s Jimmy Choos, but here's how we think her pregnancy and labour and delivery compares to yours.

When Kate Middleton gets a pregnancy craving:

When you get a pregnancy craving:

Kate doing prenatal yoga:

You doing prenatal yoga:

Kate sleeping while pregnant:

You sleeping while pregnant:

Kate having a hormonal pregnancy meltdown:

You having a hormonal pregnancy meltdown:

Kate’s maternity fashion:

Your maternity fashion:

Kate’s feet while pregnant:

Your feet while pregnant:

Kate’s baby shower:

Your baby shower:

Kate’s pregnancy poops:

Your pregnancy poops:

When Will comes near Kate while pregnant:

When your partner comes near you while pregnant:

But there's one way you and Kate are exactly alike: you both have to get that baby out. Royal or not, all moms are strong-as-hell queens.