Kate Middleton pregnancy rumours: How can she keep it a secret?

How can Kate Middleton possibly keep her pregnancy a secret under so much scrutiny. Here's the latest pregnancy rumour surrounding...a glass of water.

By Haley Overland
Kate Middleton pregnancy rumours: How can she keep it a secret?

She drank water! Omigosh, you guys, she drank water!

Could it be that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William may finally be expecting the future King or Queen (yay!) of England? Gasp!

Sighh, we've been through this before. The poor Duchess. The world just won't leave her alone. The world is obsessed with her belly, with her uterus, what she's drinking, what she's avoiding.

But the world...may be on to something with this latest incident: Kate drank water during a ceremonial toast to the Queen at which it is protocol to drink wine.

Here's CNN's funny coverage of the main event (it may take a minute to load because this is, of course, such a hot topic)...

How wild is it that the camera pans in on Kate's belly — whatever's happening at that table, we ALL know what the real story is.

You kind of have to feel sorry for her, even if she is a princess. How on earth is she supposed to keep her early pregnancy a secret under such an unprecedented amount of scrutiny. I mean, even Jennifer Aniston never had so much scrutiny!

But in marrying Prince William, Kate knew she would be hounded like this about the royal pregnancy. Indeed, queens have been plagued by the pressure to bear an heir throughout history. Anne Boleyn had it, like, wayyy worse — but then again, there was no Twitter in her day.

So, what do you think? Do you feel sorry for the princess? How could she hide her pregnancy? Is she just having fun with us by drinking that water? Why didn't they give her grape juice? Is this all just the price she pays for being a modern princess? DISCUSS!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 13, 2012

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