Just married and a baby on the way for Josh Lucas!

Lots of big news for hunky actor Josh Lucas

Photo by Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

Any Josh Lucas fans out there? I know a lot of Gorgeouses who think he’s a hottie….

The 40-year-old actor secretly wed over the weekend. He and his brand new wife, Jessica, are expecting their first child!

I’m pretty sure the last Josh Lucas movie I saw was Sweet Home Alabama — all those years ago. That was also the only movie I’ve ever walked out of…. My friend and I couldn’t take the stupidity of it and the serious boredom. I guess we had high expectations, though. Reese Witherspoon? Josh Lucas? What could go wrong? EVERYTHING.

Josh is better known for his current role in the hit TV show, The Firm.

Congrats to Josh and Jessica!

xo Haley-O

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