Just like us(ish): Adam Sandler tows kidlets in bike trailer

I personally don’t ride a bike because, simply put, I don’t do well with props — no bikes or roller blades (or skis…we’ll see this winter) for me or I’m likely to run INTO a moving car (or tree). It’s happened before, and I have a wee scar on my left hand to prove it.

But I imagine a lot of you DO ride bikes and, like Adam Sandler, you tow your kids in those bike trailer thingamajigs. UNLIKE Adam Sandler, though, I’m sure a lot of you are responsible on your bikes and wear a HELMET. Our Todaysparent.com General Manager, Elana Schachter, definitely has something to say to Adam!

Also there’s a bit of style incongruity here. Which one are you? Are you Adam’s wife Jackie in the  long dress and large brimmed hat (no helmet!)? Or are you Adam in a loose tee and sporty shorts? Or are you somewhere in between, like I would be — if I could handle props — yoga pants, all the way…?

By the way, love the little feet sticking out of the bike trailer in that first photo. Daughters Sadie Madison (5) and Sunny Madeline (2.5) are probably giggling as Mom and Dad struggle up the steep hills…!

xo Haley-O

Photos: Fame Pictures

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