Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis: Split

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have officially announced their separation.

Photo: ANG/Fame Pictures

Oh, sad! But not terribly surprising. Rumours have swirled for years that the Johnny Depp, 49, and French actress Vanessa Paradis, 39, had an unconventional relationship — living apart much of the time, especially after the family moved from France to LA — and that things weren’t always smooth. The fact that they haven’t appeared on a red carpet together for some time was also a sign….

Sighh, yes, Johnny and Vanessa have separated after 14 years and two children together, Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 9.

“[They] have amicably separated,” Depp’s publicist told Entertainment Tonight earlier today. “Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.”

Johnny and Vanessa met in June, 1998. Johnny spotted Vanessa with her friends at a bar in a hotel in Paris. He asked one of his friends to invite her over, and the two talked for hours. 

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