Jessica Simpson's "pregnancy face"

Jessica Simpson has tweeted a pic of her swollen lips. Haley DOES remember that from her pregnancies. Do you?

Photo c/o Jessica Simpson (

Well, it looks like Jessica Simpson (31) won’t be getting any lip injections any time soon. (Which is probably a good thing because I’m guessing that stuff isn’t so safe for pregnancy….)

“Woke up looking like the lip injection fairy visited me in the night!” she tweeted along with this photo (left). “Is this how pregnancy face begins? Yikes!”

Yes! It is how “pregnancy face” begins. First with the lips, which is nice, and then — alas! — up to the nose. Until you find yourself looking just like… like… like… THIS (only not green). At least that’s how it was for me. It all went back, minus another 25 pounds or so!

And it will go back for Jessica Simpson. As you know (because you’re regular Celebrity Candy readers!), Jessica’s rumoured to have a big ol’ contract with Weight Watchers just waiting for her, AND now she’s tweeting that she’s “looking forward to getting back into Daisy Duke shape with @MADfit [Mike Alexander]!” Hmm….

In the meantime, as you know (because you’re regular readers of Celebrity Candy), she’s scarfing down the Cap’n Crunch and other comfort foods. I want to tell her not to do that, though, because (trust me) sugary stuff is ADDICTIVE and hard to crack post pregnancy — when you don’t have as much time for yourself as you imagine….

xo Haley-O


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