Jessica Simpson shares photo of baby Maxwell!

Jessica Simpson tweets an adorable photo of baby Maxwell, and another suggesting she's enjoying her new post-baby body!

By Haley Overland
Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock

Jessica Simpson, 31, is sharing pics, you guys! Yesterday, the new mom took to Twitter to share a sweet sweet sweet photo of her 8-week-old daughter, Maxwell Drew.

Ready for it? You may need to sit down, Gorgeouses. Because this baby is CEWT! OK, ready?

So, adorable, right? ADORABLE. And from the looks of this photo, Jess is enjoying her new post-baby bod....

I totally know how Jessica feels. And I love how she's flaunting her new figure, despite how much the media picks on her.


DISCUSS: Did your bra size go up a lot when you were breastfeeding? I think I went up four sizes!

LOVE! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jun 27, 2012

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