Jessica Simpson photos: Selfies with Ace Knute

Jessica Simpson shares adorable photos of Ace Knute on Instagram. Check them out—plus exciting engagement news for Jessica's sister, Ashlee.

Photo: Jessica Simpson via Instagram Photo: Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Aww, check out little Ace Knute posing for an Instagram pic with his mom, Jessica Simpson, 33.

Weight Watchers spokesperson/singer/designer Jessica posted the cute selfie with her 7-month-old on Friday, February 21, with the caption "American Idol captivated him."

I think I'm officially American Idoled out now that we're in our thirteenth season. But, I hear last Thursday's episode was edge-of-your-seat intense as five young singers vied for three "wildcard" positions in the top 13.

Indeed, it's no surprise Ace is "captivated" by the music show at his tender age. His mom and her sister, Ashlee Simpson, are both singers, and Ashlee recently got engaged to Diana Ross' son, Evan Ross.

Jessica and her hubby, Eric Johnson, are also parents to daughter Maxwell Drew, 21 months.


Here's one more photo for the road, captioned "selfie fun," courtesy of Jessica's Instagram (which is filled with family pics, by the way, so go checkit)...

Photo: Jessica Simpson via Instagram Photo: Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Aww, he's a cutie!

Are you and your kids watching American Idol this season?


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This article was originally published on Feb 24, 2014

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