Jessica and Ashlee Simpson out with their babies

Spotted: pregnant Jessica Simpson and her sister, Ashlee, out shopping for toys with their kids.

Check out pregnant Jessica Simpson, 32, and her sister, Ashlee Simpson, 28, out shopping for toys with their kids. Fun!

Pssst: Actually, I am not a huge fan of toy shopping. There are so many choices these days, so my kids and I end up traversing the aisles like zombies because they just CAN’T decide. And, because I have one boy and one girl, it takes DOUBLE the time because the boy has to wait while the girl picks out a fairy toy, and the girl has to wait while the boy picks out an action figure, Ninjago, Star Wars or Hot Wheels toy 10 hours later. It’s disaster. Whew. As you were.

Both sisters carried their adorable kids on their hips and giggled together on their way to Toys ‘R’ Us in Burbank, California, the other day.

Jessica’s baby, Maxwell, is now 10 months, and has a baby brother (reportedly a brother) on the way. Ashlee’s son, curly-haired Bronx Mowgli, is now four. Mom, Tina Simpson, joined them, as well — a family affair!

So, how about you: Do you laugh or cry on your way to the toy store? (*Wink*)

xo Haley-O

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