Jessica Alba's (& Victoria Beckham's) post-baby diet/workout regimen

By HaleyO

Check out Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, their daughter Honor (3), and her sweet mismatched flip flops, tutu and STRIPES, on their way to brunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Los Angeles earlier today (Sunday).

They just welcomed new baby Haven a few weeks ago (Saturday, August 13), and of course, Jessica's looking fabulous. In fact, I just checked her Twitter account and discovered she's already started exercising -- with her doctor's blessings. And she's been sharing the regimen and offering motivation to her followers.... Here's a snippet:

Hmm..., "I would keep ur diet as healthy as possible 6 days a wk and give urself 1 day to indulge." I LIKE that one! Other than that, I personally can't imagine getting on a stationary bike so soon after giving birth -- can you, Gorgeouses?

Actually, Jessica's regimen sounds laid back compared to that of one Victoria Beckham.... I just read in Toronto's Globe and Mail that Victoria Beckham is on the Five Hands Diet, which sounds totally restrictive -- but rumour has it she wants to be in her best shape ever for New York fashion week, September 8...!

How soon did you start exercising after giving birth, and was it a priority for you to get back to pre-pregnancy shape ASAP, like it is for most celeb moms?

Okay, back to relaxing as much as possible before school starts! How's your long weekend going? I'm at my parents' cottage, and my dad has been interrupting me THIS WHOLE TIME trying to get me to Google answers to his crossword puzzle.... "Overlays," 7 letters, third letter "s" -- anyone?


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 04, 2011

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