Jessica Alba won't ever get her body back

By HaleyO
Jessica Alba won't ever get her body back

In the August issue of Allure Magazine, Jessica Alba (30) opens up about her famously gorgeous body. She says she doesn't think her body will ever be the same as it was before her first pregnancy. Wow, that makes her even more relatable than we thought! Love her!

“I can’t ever get down to the weight I was before I had Honor,” she says. "My body’s just different. The jeans just sort of zip up differently, and things hang differently. It’s a miracle what happens, but you definitely are different afterward. Unless you’re Gisele.” Ahh, Gisele. So true....

In addition to changing Jessica physically, having a child, she says, changed her sexually:
I was quite shy with it.... It wasn’t something I embraced until I had my daughter. I saw how incredible and amazing it is to be a woman and to be able to create a life.

There’s a reason why certain areas of the body are desirable — because it all leads to reproduction. There’s a science behind it all. It’s not just to sell whatever you’re selling on a billboard or a magazine or a movie.
Oh, and she and her rep want us to know: she's not "flaunting" her belly when she goes to the grocery store -- she's just pregnant. Ha! Noted!

Jessica is doing the promo rounds right now. Look out for her latest flick Spy Kids: All the Time in the World.


xo Haley-O

Photo courtesy of Allure Magazine.

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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