Jessica Alba: 2nd pregnancy; celebrity cravings

By HaleyO
Jessica Alba: 2nd pregnancy; celebrity cravings

Check out pregnant Jessica Alba (in some comfy maternity clothes) with her beautiful daughter Honor Warren (almost 3)  -- holding a doll with a mass of very red hair!

Jessica recently told Latina Magazine that she feels a lot better this pregnancy.

For one thing, she told the magazine, she's not working out as hard. Apparently, when she was pregnant with Honor, her trainer had her working out fairly rigorously 40 minutes a day -- cardio, weights, stretching, the whole shebang. Not so this time. This time, she says,
I’d like to still do something five days a week, from a half hour to an hour -- nothing excessive, just some moving [around]. It makes the whole pregnancy so much easier. The more fit you are, the easier the birth is, and a healthier baby you’re going to have.
She's also trying to relax more this time around, and it helps that she's less anxious overall:
Every moment was so new and kind of terrifying [the] and now I know what to expect.... It’s like "it’s fine, I’ve been there before. With Honor, I was constantly like, "is she moving? Is her heart beating?" I’d worry about everything and with this baby, I don’t have the same anxieties.
Lucky! I was an anxious basketcase during both my pregnancies.... But anyway. "Maybe it’s because my body hormonally has already been through it, so I’m not being broken in,” Jessica added. “My body knows what to do. It’s not as daunting.”

She topped off the interview with some talk of watermelon cravings. Why is it that celebrities always crave FRUIT and, like, CELERY when they're pregnant? All I wanted was cookies. And pizza with green olives and pineapple (this was before I went vegan). A lot of it. A lot a lot of it....

What were your pregnancy cravings? Did you crave like a celebrity? Or like mere-mortal me....


xo Haley-O

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This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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