Jessi Cruickshank on her "very personal" new show: New Mom, Who Dis?

The hilarious mom of twins Diego and Rio is hoping to give viewers a "real and raw and personal" glimpse at what her life as a mom is like. Here, she talks about her new weekly Facebook series, New Mom, Who Dis?

By Zachary Harper, Hello!
Jessi Cruickshank on her "very personal" new show: New Mom, Who Dis?

Photo: Courtesy of New Mom, Who Dis?

Imagine this: You have a huge meeting later today, and are in the middle of rushing out of your house, but you need to pump milk for your twins and do your makeup. What do you do? There’s no time to split it all up, so you do it all at once! It’s an incredibly relatable experience for many new moms, and it’s something that hilariously led to the creation of Jessi Cruickshank’s new show, New Mom, Who Dis?, which launches March 27 on Facebook Watch. You can see episodes here when it debuts next Wednesday.

“After I had my twins I thought I would never work in entertainment again,” Jessi tells HELLO! Canada in an exclusive interview about the show. “I could barely shower, let alone make a TV show. One day, I was rushing out the door to meet with a big production company in L.A. about creating a new comedy series – my babies were screaming, I was pumping breast milk while trying to draw on my eyebrows and I thought – ‘This is funny.’ So I pitched them a comedy series about my new life as a mom.”

The former co-host of MTV Canada’s The Aftershow has become known for her incredible sense of humour and poking fun at herself. And that’s exactly the spirit of New Mom, Who Dis? Jessi made the announcement in an Instagram Story that HELLO! Canada shared on its account on March 20. She also posted a very funny clip talking about the new show on her own account on the same day.

“There is nothing funnier than being a parent. Especially of two identical people,” says Jessi. “When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I thought, ‘OK, I have spent my entire career making jokes, this is the universe playing the biggest joke of all on me.’ This show is my way of reminding people that parenthood and life… is just not that serious.”

Expect New Mom, Who Dis? to be unlike anything Jessi’s done to date. She says she hopes it will be “real and raw and very personal” in addition to hilarious, and hopes to use it to break through the pressure new moms face from social media to appear flawless, even if they can’t remember the last time they got a full night’s sleep. Or what day it is. Or what sleep is, for that matter.

“I am sick of the ‘perfect Instagram moms’ making the rest of us feel bad about ourselves,” says Jessi. “I am not a perfect mom, I’m trying to figure this crazy, hilarious ‘motherhood’ thing out day by day, like everybody else… I’m just doing it on camera.”

One of the reasons The After Show was so successful was the amount of interaction Jessi and co-host Dan Levy had with the audience and viewers. She said New Mom, Who Dis? will let her connect with viewers like she never has. The weekly series will feature new episodes every Wednesday, and fans will be able to follow the show’s unique content, which will involve Jessi interviewing everyone from “babysitters to hot dads” and answering “all of our viewers’ deepest, most personal questions.”


Jessi hopes her audience learns “more about me than [they] ever wanted to” – and says nothing is off limits. “Lock yourself in the bathroom to watch, then message me directly!” she joked. Celebrities may also make occasional appearances, though Jessi can’t reveal anything just yet.

As for her twins, Diego Green and Rio Ross, both born in 2017, Jessi hilariously says she had to “negotiate aggressively with their agent.” But she’s happy to announce they will appear in every other episode “both because they are way cuter than me and also because I was too cheap to pay for child care.”

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