Jennifer Lopez and her glamorous little sidekick

Jennifer Lopez and her mini fashionista daughter, Emme, were photo'd leaving her NYC apartment -- and Haley manages to make an entire blog post out of it

I’m sorry, I’m in a bit of a mood. Know why? Because my cat and dog decided to scrap it out on my lap, and I lost this entire blog post. Blergh! So let’s just cut to the chase, okay, Gorgeouses? Man, and I had such a great preamble — which is kind of necessary when all you have to really work with is Jennifer Lopez (42) and her mini-me leaving an NYC hotel. But Jen does look gorj and glam, as usual, and little Emme (3) is quite the fashionista! Move over, Suri Cruise…!

Anyway, earlier today photographers caught Jennifer and her twins Max (being carried by the bodyguard behind JLo) and Emme checking out of a midtown NYC hotel. Apparently, Jen was here for the Glamour Awards.

She was honoured at the Awards’ Women of the Year ceremony, and she credited the women in her life for getting her through turbulent times (like her recent breakup with Marc Anthony):

It’s the women. Through through the ups and the not-so-ups, that’s the one thing that got me through.

…My grandmother, who taught me to cook and not be afraid to serve and be humble. And to go out looking nice because people like that and they respect you.

…My daughter Emme inspires me to be a better human being.

Aww! And it looks like Mom inspires Emma to glamourous! Although…, I’m seriously hoping that’s fake fur — but, alas, you never know with JLo….

So tell me, is it the women in your life who carry you through “the ups and no-so-ups”? For me that’s definitely the case, but  there are a lot of men, too, I have to say: my hubby, my dad, bro, yoga teacher, Clive Owen….

xo Haley-O



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