Jennifer Garner stays up too late watching the Olympics!

Jennifer Garner is an Olympics fan! And she's been staying up too late watching it, while dealing with baby Samuel's jet lag....

By Haley Overland
Jennifer Garner stays up too late watching the Olympics!

Photo: Jennifer, Ben & Seraphina watching Violet in Fourth-of-July parade. Pablo/Goodwin/FameFlynet Pictures

Like me, are you exhausted from staying up too late (with the kids!) watching the Olympics?

Well, Jennifer Garner, 40, is. "I do not have the band537 for the Olympics right now but I can't not watch it," she told USA Today over "strong coffee" this morning. "I cry every time they show the parents, every time they show the teammates, every time they show someone proud of themselves. Even if it's for another team."

In addition to late-night Olympics-watching, Jennifer and the family are also suffering from some jet lag after a trip to her home town in West Virginia. "My kids are adjusting from East Coast time," she told USA Today, "so my baby thought three in the morning. . .was morning. And then I finally got him down for a nap at 4:30 a.m. and then I was having a sleepover with my middle daughter, and she woke up just as I got the youngest down."

Jennifer wants to make it an early night tonight, but she's stressing out. "What am I going to miss in the Olympics tonight? That's what I'm so stressed about!" she said. "I'm going to have to go to bed." Hee. Good luck with that one.

As you may know, Jennifer's got a big movie coming up, which I totally want to see because it just looks so wonderfully odd (and I think my daughter will like it too...) — The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

DISCUSS: Do you have enough discipline to get yourself to bed early when you know you should? Or, like me, to you NEED to stay up for at least two hours after the kids go to bed so you can have some me-time??

For more on Jennifer and the Olympics, check out the USA Today piece.

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Aug 03, 2012

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