Jennifer Garner looks amazing

Check out our favourite celebrity mom, Jennifer Garner, looking amazing five months after giving birth.

By Haley Overland
Jennifer Garner looks amazing

Wow, she looks amazing!

Jennifer Garner gave birth to her third child, Samuel Garner Affleck, back in February, and look at her now. She looks stunning. Indeed, motherhood has always agreed with her....

The actress was spotted dressed in this fabulous long-sleeved short black dress, on her way to a breakfast meeting at a restaurant called Tavern, in Santa Monica, California. Jennifer's been going to a lot of business meetings lately. Maybe she's got something big in the works! I guess we'll see....

One of the things we love about Jennifer is that, even though she's A-list, she's as normal as they come. She's a hands-on mom, wears jeans and running shoes most of the time, and she didn't lose the baby weight in three weeks (unlike other celebs we know and love). She looks healthy, stylish and, inspiringly, more gorgeous than ever at 40.

DISCUSS: I'd love to know this — who are your favourite celebrity moms? And why?

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Aug 02, 2012

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