Jennifer Garner is practically super mom

It seems like the actress is always out and about with at least one of her kids: how does she do it?

By Cassandre Cadieux
Jennifer Garner is practically super mom Photos: FameFlynet Pictures

So it seems like every week we have a post about Jennifer Garner, and I seriously think it’s because she never spends any time relaxing at home. Here she’s seen taking her daughter Seraphina out to a park in Santa Monica (without their shoes on)!

In the same day, and I can only tell because she’s wearing the same horizontal sweater (that I love), she’s seen out walking newborn Samuel. It looks like she’s trying to spend one-on-one time with each of her kids, which is amazing! For a pretty high profile celebrity couple, I think it’s great that they always seem to be out with their kids.

It looks like Jennifer and Ben spent their Mother’s Day at Violet’s dance recital, which explains all the trips to the dance studio of late. Violet has the perfect little ballerina bun – which I completely understand as an ex-competition dancer myself, I can almost make one in my sleep – and Seraphina looks like she’s just happy to be there. Crush-worthy dad Ben seems to be the proud papa who mans the video camera.

Jennifer Garner is practically super mom  

Jennifer Garner is practically super mom  

I guess it’s the time of year where balancing your kids activities with everyday life can be complicated, but it seems like the Garner/Afflect clan have figured it out, despite busy schedules. I think they are, hands down, one of my favourite celebrity families.

Do you spend time with each of your kids individually, like Jennifer, or do you plan more family outings as a group?

This article was originally published on May 18, 2012

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