Jennifer Garner has found the secret to winning the holidays as a parent

Jennifer Garner may secretly be an elf because she LOVES Christmas and she has a trick that will help you be more organized during this hectic holiday season.

Jennifer Garner has found the secret to winning the holidays as a parent

Photo: @jennifer.garner via Instagram

#HoHoHo! Jennifer Garner is merry and she ain't afraid to show it.

Although Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving this coming Thursday, it seems like the mom-of-three's mind is in the clouds—along with Santa Claus and his reindeer. A few days ago, she posted a hilarious meme of herself wearing a Santa hat with a tree behind her, decked out in Christmas lights and ornaments.

HILARIOUS. We love her hashtags, too: ##bringonchristmas#ideckmyhallsNov1 and #hohoho.

It appears that Christmas comes as early as the beginning of November in the Garner house. Yes, that's Jennifer's secret folks. You win at Christmas by decking the halls as early as possible. Jen already has like three weeks on you, but there's still time for you get ahead. So quickly drag out the tree, get the kids to DIY some ornaments and throw some garland on the banister (it doesn't have to be straight, we're rushing here!).

If you are doubting Jen's way, there are actually studies that say people who decorate are seen as friendlier and happier—and who wants to be seen as Scrouge at Christmas? Plus, getting a jump start on the decorating leaves you with more time to do all the shopping and the baking...Jen, got any tips here?

Yes, Jen's secret isn't that groundbreaking, but this time of year is so insanely stressful that we will take any tip that makes our life even slightly easier. And this one totally does!


The actress's ecstatic holiday spirit comes as no surprise, though. She went ALL OUT for Halloween this year—she read spooky stories to her dog, Birdie and bought tons of pumpkins (that she claims were for muffins) on #NationalPumpkinDay.

So are you on Jen's #TeamDecorateEarly or do you basically wait until Christmas Eve to deck the halls?

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