Jennifer Garner got the most hilarious birthday gift from her daughter

But like a great mom, she wore it out in public anyways...and of course the paparazzi got a photo of her in it during school drop-off.

Jennifer Garner turned 46 on April 17 and I’m sure she got many magnificent gifts, but none quite as spectacular as the one her daughter Serafina made her.

Her daughter crafted this epically long (12 feet, in fact) scarf from a peg board and gifted it to her mom. And like a good parent, Jen knew she had to wear the scarf—despite it being a little impractical. And not only did she wear it, but she wore it to school drop off—yes, she wore it IN PUBLIC—paired with leggings and a sweatshirt (pretty typical mom attire). Since Jen is a celebrity, the paparazzi were there and took photos of her, so now this infinity scary is famous. No matter, Jen joked in her Instagram post that the school run is her fashion runway. Work it mama!

Now, Sera, can you make me one of these scarfs because clearly it’s going to be the must-have accessory now that your mom has worn it.

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