Jennifer Aniston: Is she or isn't she?

By HaleyO

Ever since Jennifer Aniston (42) moved in with boyfriend Justin Theroux (40), the rumours have been swirling like a Willy Wonka lollipop that Jennifer is with child.

Speaking of lollipops..., earlier this week (Wednesday, to be precise), Jennifer Aniston was photoed sucking on a lollipop outside the doctor's office and the Internets went WILD! got the photo, and they suggested that this is SUCH a pregnancy sign because, and I quote:
Exhibit B - Other evidence the Friends star could be with child? -- Jen was sucking on a lollipop and it's common practice in gynecology offices to give candy to a woman having blood work early in her first trimester so when a nurse draws blood, the patient's blood sugar level is high enough that she doesn't pass out. Hmmm ...
In case you're wondering, "Exhibit A" is that Jen was holding her belly on the way out of the doctor's office, "Exhibit C" is that she reportedly hasn't been drinking any alcohol lately, and "Exhibit D" is that both of them are sporting "matching nameplate rings" on their ring fingers. Hmmm....

There could be something to this, Gorgeouses. Although the lollipop theory is totes over-the-top. You don't get a lollipop before they do your blood work in the first trimester -- no way, right? They give you a gross orange sugar drink in your second trimester to test for gestational diabetes...!

So, even though a lot of us would just like to let poor Jen and her uterus be already -- whether she's pregnant or not -- the evidence doth appear to be mounting.... What do you think? Is she, or isn't she?

Oh, and I do like them together. Do you? Justin's handsome...!

xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures | Source

This article was originally published on Sep 02, 2011

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