Jason Schwartzman and family at the farmers' market

Check out funny guy Jason Schwartzman, his wife and their adorable little girl at the farmers' market.

Here’s Funny People star Jason Schwartzman, 32, carrying his daughter, Marlowe (another surname-first-name baby name!) around a farmers’ market in West Hollywood, California, last Sunday. That’s his wife, Brady Cunningham, in the sunglasses behind them. 

It seems the Schwartzman-Cunningham family love them some whole foods! They were spotted at the same farmers’ market the Sunday before (November 4), as well.

Little Marlowe, who turns two next month, seems to enjoy it there too, especially since, as you can see in the photo, Dad makes it a fun learning experience by pointing out all the good stuff.

By the way, this last name — Schwartzman? — right up there with McConaughey, Gyllenhaal, and Liev Schreiber. Not easy to spell; everyone gets it wrong….

DISCUSS: I wish there were a farmer’s market near my home…. Do you and your family frequent the farmers’ market?

xo Haley-O

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