January Jones shops with baby Xander

January Jones took her adorable baby Xander for a shop at one of the world's most famous stores.... Plus, Haley's going to be on TV!

Photo by Premiere/CPR/Miguel/FameFlynet Pictures

Check out January Jones, 34, and her adorable 7-month-old baby Xander (and the nanny) out shopping at TARGET!

Gosh, the celebs love The Target. As you can see from the photo, January and Xander were on the hunt for some big Tupperwares.

Of course, January’s been in the news a ton lately — catching some flack for eating her own placenta. And, guess what, Gorgeouses? I’m going to be talking about this very thing, among other things, on eTalk today (I’ll let you know when it airs, and watch our Facebook page). Which is totally funny because I was actually, actually star struck the other day when I saw the show’s host, Ben Mulroney, walking along Queen Street in Toronto a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll bump into him today. I’m filming at 2 p.m.. Wish me luck!

As I was saying, though, the placenta-eating doesn’t gross me out whatsoever. I think if my doula offered me the option, I’d be like “sure!” How about you?

DISCUSS: Would you eat your placenta (dehydrated in vitamin form, like January) if your doula suggested it?

xo Haley-O

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