January Jones and Xander: Stripes!

January Jones and her son Xander wear striped shirts to lunch, and Haley attempts to make it sound extremely exciting.

By Haley Overland
January Jones and Xander: Stripes!

You know there's very little celebrity family news when...

Matching stripes become EXCITING.

Note the exclamation mark in the title? Yes, it's very exciting. So much so that we've written excitedly about mother-son matching stripes before. And you loved it. Right? RIGHT?! Ha!

The celebrities are making me work today. Aside from two pregnancy announcements this week, there hasn't been much going on. A lot of celebrities have been photo'd today exercising their right to vote in the US — including Mad Men actress January Jones, as a matter of fact.

And speaking of January Jones.... She's photo'd here with her adorable son Xander, yes, and both of them are wearing striped shirts. And LET that be the most exciting, sensational story in the news today. I mean, why not? We all need a break from things we've been reading about lately.

Want to know what they're doing in their striped tees? They're going for lunch. I can't tell you what they ate. But I can tell you that they went to a restaurant in Pasadena, California, and that Xander, 14 months, is very, very cute.

That's all for now. So what's new with you?

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Nov 06, 2012

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