James Durbin exits American Idol stage (wah!)

By HaleyO
Photo: Picture Perfect / Rex Features Photo: Picture Perfect / Rex Features

Are you watching American Idol, Gorgeouses? I know this isn't particularly family news -- and it's not even Canadian -- but it's affecting me on a very profound level today, so I thought we should talk about it.

Then again, James Durbin (22) is a daddy! He and his wife Heidi have an adorable 2-year-old son Hunter.

And what an amazing example James has set for special-needs kids. He's struggled with Turrets syndrome and high-functioning autism, and LOOK AT HIM! And look at how America fell in love with him. HUGE!

So I guess it's relevant. I guess we can talk about James Durbin prematurely exiting the American Idol stage. And it's okay to cry about it too. WAHH!

So, Gorgeouses.... Who's your favourite to win it? Haley? Lauren? Or Scotty?

I definitely want Haley to go. Even though she has a fantabulous name, and she even spells it right, she's not likeable, is she? Although she's undoubtedly very talented, the way she flirts with the camera gets on my motherly nerves, and she really can't take criticism.


I'd love to see either Lauren or Scotty take it home. Maybe Lauren, though, because she seems to need the extra boost of confidence. HOW ABOUT YOU? WHO DO YOU WANT TO WIN IDOL?

And guess what's launching later this month? My favourite show of all time, So You Think You Can Dance. WOOHOO! Did you know my first cousin Miles Faber placed third in the very first So You Think You Can Dance Canada? I'm very proud!

Love! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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