It's a girl for Kerri Russell!

Keri Russell and Shane Deary have welcomed their second child. And the name is...interesting

By Haley Overland
Photo: Rex Features Photo: Rex Features

Congratulations to former Felicity star Keri Russell (35) and her husband Shane Deary! They welcomed their second child -- a girl -- on Tuesday, December 27. Merry Christmas to them!

And the baby's name is...Willa Lou! Interesting...and quite cute.

Willa Lou joins big brother River (4.5).

When River was younger, Keri told People she was enjoying being a working mom:

Luckily, right now, the schedule I get to keep with film really allows me [to].... I get to work really hard for three months, but then I get to be home for four months where I get to put him to bed every night.... I like getting to be in the adult world a little bit and then getting to be in the mom world and cook dinners. And, for me, that balance is what makes it nice.

I like the way she put that!


Look out for Keri in the romantic comedy Austenland (yay, Jane Austen!), in theatres later this year.

Congrats to the family!

What do you think of "Willa Lou"?

Love! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jan 06, 2012

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