It's a girl for actor Dylan Walsh!

*Unforgettable* actor Dylan Walsh welcomed his fourth child six weeks ago

By Haley Overland
It's a girl for actor Dylan Walsh!

Dylan and his daughter Joanna at the Secretariat premiere, Hollywood, California, Sept/2010. Photo: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures

It's a girl for Unforgettable actor Dylan Walsh (48)! Baby arrived a whole six weeks ago, and the handsome new dad managed to keep it from all of us. How dare he, right, Gorgeouses?

Are you ready for the name? It's very pretty....

Amelie Belle!

“My best moment of 2011 would definitely be the birth of my daughter six weeks ago, on Sept. 25,” Dylan told People Magazine. “Yep. Six weeks old," he added. "Not a whole lot of sleep happening at my apartment.”

Amelie is actually the fourth child for Dylan. He has a daughter Stella (almost 8), with soon-to-be ex-wife Joanna Going, and two teenaged kids -- Thomas (15) and Joanna (14) -- with his first wife Melora Walters.

No one seems to know who Amelie's mom is....

If you're not watching CBS's Unforgettable, you might remember Dylan from his role as Dr. McNamara in Nip/Tuck or -- HEART! -- Secretariat.

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Nov 14, 2011

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