It's a boy for RH Atlanta's Kim Zolciak (& why this is candy)

By HaleyO
Photo: Charles Sykes/Rex / Rex Features Photo: Charles Sykes/Rex / Rex Features

Some of you are for sure rolling your eyes thinking, "WHO CARES"! But I, and I know many of you, LOVE Real Housewives of NYC, Beverly Hills, OC, Atlanta and, yes, even Miami (you'll take what you can get).

One thing I happen to know for sure is that these women have singlehandedly brought back BIG BREASTS! Their breasts may not be real, but they're making large busted women (like, ohhh, I don't know who) pull back their shoulders with pride -- or, at least make us consider pulling our shoulders back even if we're still hiding under long hair and layered tees (for the win!).

Is this making sense? I'm sick as a dog and my bed is calling my name from all the way upstairs. I can hear it now: "Haaaaaaleeeeeeeey I'm calling your naaaaaaaaame. I'm a bed....."

Anyway, Kim Zolciak (32) loves her massive breasts and flaunts them, and even though I can't really stand her because she smokes in front of her kids while they beg her to stop, etc., etc., etc., etc., I enjoy her crazy outfits and wigs, and I take immense pleasure in her antics.

So she and her fiance, football player Kroy Biermann (25), had a boy! And this is fascinating in itself because Kim's such a girlie girl. She already has two daughters from a previous relationship -- Brielle (13) and Ariana (9). Here's what Kim announced yesterday on Twitter: @biermann71 [Kroy] and I are happy to announce the birth of our son today Kroy Jagger Biermann is healthy & beautiful We are so in love! So it looks like the baby shares his fathers name. Like Usher and Donald Trump, etc., etc..

Okay, I'll just go now... Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. Bygones if this post was delirious and/or illegible.


Congrats to the family!

Love! xo HaleyO


This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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