It's a boy for Fred Savage!

Fred Savage has welcomed his third child. Here's why they're still working on the name.

By Haley Overland
It's a boy for Fred Savage!

Photo: Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Wonder Years alum Fred Savage, 36, and his wife, Jennifer, have welcomed a baby boy!

Fred announced the news on Twitter earlier this week with a photo of the baby's hand (awww!): "He's here. "

This is the third child for Fred and Jennifer. They also have a son, Oliver Philip, 6, and a daughter, Lily Aerin, 4.5. 

As for the name? They haven't announced it yet. But we do know they left the hospital without a name and, apparently, have to submit the baby's paperwork today — so stay tuned!

"We started this really tough precedent for ourselves where we just seem to leave the hospital with no name, and kind of live with the baby for a little while," Fred told People Magazine at a Details event in Los Angeles earlier today. 

"But we’re narrowing it down," he assured the mag. "We have some names in mind, but we kind of let the baby tell us a little bit."

How about you? Did you name your baby immediately? Or did you wait until after s/he arrived?

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Nov 30, 2012

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