It took this dad a REALLY long time to get to the hospital for his baby's birth

Did it take your partner a long time to get to the hospital for your baby's birth? Yeah, he's got nothing on this guy's story—though this new dad had an excellent excuse!

We all know that parents will do just about anything for their kids—and that single-minded dedication starts well before the baby arrives.

Just look at the lengths one American solider stationed in the Middle East went to to be sure he was at the birth of his first baby. Two words: seven flights.

Photo of mother, father and newborn

Photo: Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula via Facebook

US Army Combat Engineer Francois Clerfe was deployed in Iraq when he made use of the military’s policy that allowed him to travel home for the birth of his first child. But it was hardly a quick, nonstop trip, reports

The 1,000-mile journey took him eight days, and seven flights. Yes, you read that right.

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He left Iraq on Dec 23, and then hopscotched from Kuwait to Turkey to Frankfurt to Baltimore to Atlanta, and then—finally!—home to California on the 31st. Within hours of landing, wife Natalia Svistunova delivered their baby girl, Julia, on Jan 1st, in Monterey. (Also noteworthy: Julia was the first born baby in 2018 for Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.)

The family will be together for the rest of the 30-day leave Sgt. Clerfe is allotted, and then he’ll get an additional 10 days of paternity leave before he heads back to work.

Not to nitpick—since it’s great that Sgt. Clerfe has some time with his new baby and did make it to the birth in time—but next time, could the Army maybe try to hook a hardworking military man up with a bit more of an, um… direct and time-efficient route?

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