How Shakira lost the baby weight so fast

Singer Shakira opens up about losing her baby weight in time to star on The Voice.

By Haley Overland
How Shakira lost the baby weight so fast

Do you watch The Voice? I do! And I know our Tracy Chappell enjoys watching the show with her family. It's definitely a lot of fun. (Also Usher and Adam Levine are easy on the eyes!)

Well, if you watch The Voice, you'll notice how amazing Shakira, 36, looks — just a few months after giving birth to her son, Milan.

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At the recent NBC Universal press day for The Voice, Shakira told reporters that losing the baby weight in just two months was stressful.

"[Losing] is the only thing that’s been a little stressful,” she told reporters, according to “I knew I had to come back here to do The Voice two months after I had delivered a baby. I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has. I’m not trying to complain, but it’s been a process full of challenges.”

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“I think that our mothers and grandmothers weren’t under the pressure women of today are after delivering a baby," she continued, adding that her own mother never lost the weight because her dad always thought "there was nothing better than meat over the bones." Love him!

Shakira went on to say she still has "a few pounds" to go. And her exercise of choice? “I do Zumba," she said. "Zumba has been actually really great for me. Even during pregnancy, I kept doing it until almost the end.”

But, now that she's filming The Voice, there's no time to exercise. ". . . When I have a day off," she said, "I just want to be with Milan.”

I recently lost all my baby weight (I can't even believe I get to write that now). It took FIVE YEARS. But, in my own journey I've learned weight loss is a frame of mind. Something like being on a hit show in  front of millions of viewers might definitely drive me to lose the weight fast. But who knows? There are also hormones involved, and timing — and, it's good to remember, for our celeb friends, probably top trainers, chefs and nannies, etc., etc.!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Apr 24, 2013

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