How Mariah Carey lost the baby weight after giving birth to twins

Mariah Carey lost 30 pounds after giving birth her now 6-month-old twins. Here's how she says she did it

By Haley Overland
How Mariah Carey lost the baby weight after giving birth to twins

Us Weekly Magazine

Mariah Carey (41) has lost all her baby weight just six months after giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe. Wowza! My youngest is four years old, and I've still got a ways to go (again). Let's see what Mariah told Us Weekly about how she lost the "enormous amount of weight" she says she gained, and fit into to those size-6 shorts on the cover of this week's issue of Us Weekly....

According to the mag, Mariah started her weight loss journey in July (the twins were born April 30). Even though, she tells the mag, "It was a huge blessing to be able to have the babies..., I felt trapped in my body because I couldn't move." So Mariah consulted with a nutritionist and followed Jenny Craig's (now known as just "Jenny," apparently) workout program. She restricted calories to 1,500/day and worked out three times a week. "I feel incredible," the Grammy-award winning singer told Us.

Sounds pretty moderate to me.... And 30 pounds in three months seems like a healthy rate of weight loss, right? She looks great!

Check out the new issue of Us Weekly for more a sample meal plan, more deets on the workout, pics of the baby, and what hubby Nick Cannon (31) thinks of her new bod (duhh...!).

xo Haley-O

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This article was originally published on Nov 09, 2011

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