Heidi Klum takes the kids to the movies

Heidi Klum, three of her kids and their nanny go to the movies in style. Check out little Lou in a Diane von Furstenberg/GapKids dress!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “How Does She Do It: Heidi Klum” interview? Although, from previous interviews, we kind of have an idea of how she does it. There are nannies and there are resources and there are extended periods of time off from work….

Speaking of nannies, check out these great pics of single mom, Heidi, and three of her four kids — Leni, 8, Henry, 6.5, and Lou, 2.5 (Johan, 5.5, was M.I.A.) — and a smiling young nanny. They were heading out to see a movie. Wonder what they saw….

Aww, my daughter was a thumb sucker, too (she stopped when I pointed out the callus she was getting on her thumb — worked like a charm). And I bet she would love that U.S.A. bag Lou is carrying and, of course, that Diane von Furstenberg/GapKids dress!

Leni is ever the clone of her mother in her chi-chi purple boots. And how about Henry’s buzz cut (newish for him!) and Skeletor tee with tie? Creepers! But cute….

And we haven’t discussed Heidi’s look yet. It’s not quite runway material (a little shapeless), but it’s probably designer…. Are those harem pants? Is she bringing back the harem pant? Please say no. I haven’t even bought my first pair of brightly coloured pants yet….

DISCUSS: What movies have you take your kids to lately? I know it’s not a kids’ movie, but I can’t wait to call a babysitter and go see Snow White and the Huntsmen with Josh-O….

xo Haley-O

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