Handsome dad alert: Chris Hemsworth in Thor 2!

Haley couldn't resist.... Check out these pics of new dad Chris Hemsworth on the set of Thor 2!

I couldn’t resist.

These photos of Australian actor/HOT NEW DAD, Chris Hemsworth, 29, showed up in today’s batch of celeb photos, and how could I not share?!

So check it out. Here’s Chris in full Thor garb, on the set of the hotly anticipated Thor 2 in London, England.

Wonder what he and his magic hammer will be up to in this sequel, Thor: The Dark World. Hmmm, Imdb will tell…. Aha! Looks like it’s a case of some Dark Elves. AWESOME!

Here’s another photo for the road….

Excuse me for a second — *SWOON!*

Thor 2 hits theatres in the new year. Cannot wait!

xo Haley-O

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