Had enough of Royal Wedding? More Deets!

By HaleyO
Had enough of Royal Wedding? More Deets!

Gosh, I love that blue dress! So gorj. This is a photo of newlyweds Prince William and Catherine, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, strolling hand in hand on Saturday (April 30), around Buckingham Palace. They're not going on their Royal Honeymoon just yet. In fact, Prince William is back in military training tomorrow (Tuesday) -- eager to become a search-and-rescue pilot.

When William returns (apparently later this month), he and Catherine will set off for 10 days on a £4,000-a-night honeymoon on a magnificent mystery island in the Indian Ocean.

But, alas, he will leave again for a 10-week helicopter training session in the Falkland Isles -- where partners are not allowed to join their spouses. Not even royal ones....

Kate is reportedly upset that they'll be apart so much right after their wedding. So William may try to get out of the long separation. But he's set on being treated just like everyone else. So we'll see.

ANYWAY! Their Royal Gorgeousnesses are set to leave for their honeymoon in mid-May. And reportedly not even KATE knows where they're going. They'll be whisked off the mainland via private jet and then helicoptered to the very private tropical destination.... Hush-to-the-hush hush!

Thanks to the UK's Daily Mail for all these deets!

OH! And if you, like me, are not quite sick of the Royal Wedding  -- check out the official wedding PHOTOS!


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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