Gwen Stefani & her kids at an amusement park (photos — tons!)

Do you take your kids to the amusement park? Check out Gwen Stefani looking on as her kids have the time of their lives!

I took the kids to our city’s big amusement park earlier this summer. I’m always tempted to buy the season’s pass because it’s such a great thing to do with the kids. But…one visit per season is just fine for me.

For us parents, the day is filled with battling lineups, lots of walking (which is good, but not when you’re the one carrying all the bags), whining between rides, waiting-in-the-crowds watching as your kid goes round and round on a cartoon-themed ride. It really is a lot-ho-hot of waiting around for us parents. 

And for the most part, we don’t mind, because it’s one time, and of course, because our kids have the time of their lives and we get to at least enjoy that, and maybe revel in (or pine a bit from) the nostalgia.

That said, we all know that look on Gwen Stefani’s face as she waited and watched and waited and watched her two little cuties have a blast at the amusement park rides in Central Park, in New York City, last Friday.

The 42-year-old singer/designer looks stunning, as usual, especially since she’s doing a lot a lot of waiting and watching….

…and waiting and watching….

But it really is all worth it to watch the kids have so much fun! Check out Kingston (and his turquoise hair), 6, and little Zuma, almost 4, enjoying the rides and amusement-park goodies together.

So cute….

Iron Man popsicles!

After a fun-filled day of rides, slides, popcorn and popsicles, Gwen took the boys on a horse-carriage ride home to the hotel. And, really, looks like fun was had by ALL.

Parenting is so much about watching and waiting. Gwen seems like such a good mama!

And while going to amusement parks isn’t my favourite thing to do, I love treating my kids at least once a season to the great kid fun. Even if I go home cranky. Hmmm, maybe I’ll just make my husband, Josh-O, try that insane Leviathan ride next time — that…will definitely amuse me.

xo Haley-O

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