Guess the celebrity parents!

Can you guess who these two (hint: GORJ) celebrity parents are? They were photo'd on an evening walk in London, strolling their almost-1-year-old baby boy...

By Haley Overland
Guess the celebrity parents!

They are one of the sexiest couples alive.

Their chemistry is undeniably electric.

They both have accents.

They've both won Oscar awards.

They've been married for 18 months.

Their baby turns one next week (January 22).

Can you guess who they are?

They're photo'd here on an walk with their baby in London last Sunday, while the rest of Hollywood (minus Ryan Gosling, who was apparently in Thailand...) was glamming it up for the Golden Globes. They're in London because one of them is filming for the next James Bond movie, Skyfall. Hint. Hint. He plays the villain. Hint. Hint.

Did you guess? Probably by now, huh? The photo's not THAT blurry..., and with all those hints?


It's Javier Bardem (42) and Penelope Cruz (37)! I love the way she's checking on little Leo in the previous pic (above), and how Javier's gazing at him proudly here....

Guess the celebrity parents!  

It's still a dark photo, but pics of these two are as rare as fairy sitings in Toronto (much to my daughter's chagrin). So we'll take what we can get. Right, Gorgeouses? And we'll definitely forgive Javier for apparently loving that tweed hat, right?

xo Haley-O

Photos: Flynet UK/FameFlynet Pictures

This article was originally published on Jan 17, 2012

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