Golden Globes: Best & worst dressed moms!

By HaleyO
Golden Globes: Best & worst dressed moms!

We're going to start with the worst of the night. And, alas, there are more worst than best, it seems. But here are our CELEBRITY CANDY BEST AND WORST DRESSED MOMS AT THE GOLDEN GLOBES -- and please do weigh in in the comments!

WORST DRESSED (in no particular order):


I'm having issues with beautiful Angelina lately. Rumours are swirling that she's addicted to sleep medication (and who knows what else), exhausted and virtually unable to stand up on her own because she hardly eats, etc.. I'm really not interested in perpetuating these rumours, but the way she's clutching on to Brad with that skeletal hand doesn't help her. Nor does the dress or the dazed look on her sad face. The very green dress makes her look a little sickly, and the sparkles take away from her own dwindling sparkle. We wish her the best, right Gorgeouses?

This dress made me worry for her. That said, I did love when the camera caught her putting on lip gloss during the ceremony -- that, and Helena Bonham-Carter's scowl during The Fighter Melissa Leo's acceptance speech, AND all of Ricky Gervais fleeting moments (#FREEGERVAIS!), OH!, and Robert Downey Jr.'s speech, OHHH!, and Colin Firth's speech.... You?



I have to admit, I thought this dress was beautiful when I first saw it. But that was when Natalie was sitting at the table -- i.e., when most of the dress was covered.... When she walked up to the podium to accept her award for Best Actress, I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. The dress was GHASTLY. And it wasn't just the gaudy rose sitting bizarrely front centre, but that PINK. It was so...PINK. And not in a Gwyneth-Paltrow-prom-pink-Oscar-dress kind of way. And that awful pink against the red was just -- there are no words.

To quote a quick email about this from our fab new General Manager Elana Schachter: "The rose was atrosh!" Awesome.

I have to say, though, Natalie's speech was one of my favourites (too) -- particularly when she talked about her fiancé Benjamin Millipied: "Benjamin choreographed the film and you may remember him as the guy who, when they ask, 'Would you sleep with that girl?' he’s like, 'No.' He’s the best actor - he totally wants to sleep with me!” And then she breaks out into a laugh that's as awesomely ghastly as the dress -- so nerdy and wonderful. LOVED it. LOVED her. I forgive her for the dress. She's a hot nerd and we LUFF her!


Just. She should have left Burlesque in the movie theatre -- where no one would SEE it. Because GAH. I'd love to see Christina dress more conservatively overall. Not that I'm a prude or boring or anything. This look just doesn't work for her. Leave the red lipstick with Gwen Stefani, and the lace with Cher, where they belong. And take off the mask -- the caked-on makeup, the hair, the tan. Because, Christina, "You are beautiful, no matter what they say." But not like this.



...because we need a token dad in the lineup. And if we're going to have a token dad, it better be, to quote Ricky Gervais, "Ashton Kutcher's dad." Bwah!


While the dress itself isn't anything extraordinary, the overall package is BEST. The glasses, the funky hairdo, the natural makeup.... Annette looked glam and gorj and natural and understated -- even down to the simple accessories. Love love love.

NICOLE "It's a girl!" KIDMAN

Nicole looked the best she's looked in a long time. Her face moved with her when she smiled, and she even had some lines on her forehead, which she OWNED. *Snap* -- you go girl!

Nicole is truly at her best right now. With her best accessory by her side: Kieth Urban. You should see all the pictures of them on the red carpet. They couldn't be happier with one another. There's nothing forced or forged about it. And that dress? Simple, elegant and GORJ. Marriage and motherhood definitely become her.


Now THAT is how you do green. There's a lot of dress there, yes. But Catherine is BROADWAY -- so this is so her. She looks like royalty. And after what she and hubby Michael Douglas have been through (stage 4 throat cancer), she deserves to take the crown tonight as CELEBRITY CANDY'S BEST DRESSED MOM AT THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS AWARD. Mazel tov!



I'm undecided about this hair on Sandra Bullock. While it's kind of youthful (which is good if she really is dating Ryan Reynolds), it's a little (as our editor Amanda Factor described her own apparently-much-needed-to-be-cut-bangs) "sheep dog." Sandra Bullock should not be covering an inch of that beautiful face. No. What do you think?

Tell us what you think of all these picks and who you think is missing from our Best and Worst lineups.


xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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