Funny George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Evan Rachel Woods - TIFF!

Check out RYAN GOSLING, GEORGE CLOONEY and Even Rachel Wood at the TIFF premiere of Ides of March, which George directed. Just saw this in my Twitter stream and had to share with the Gorgeouses! Everyone’s so CASUAL!

And pardon the large caps. I’m a little wired as I anticipate a day of CLIVE OWEN and the Hello! Canada Party at the Ritz-Carlton…. Swoon.

Funny story about Clooney. Apparently, at the press conference, a reporter dared to ask him about his personal life, and he SLAYED the reporter — first asking for the reporter’s name and then doing the deed (via…:
“Everyone here is a little ashamed of you right now,” Clooney chastized, while smirking.

“I knew someone would do it. I’m a little disappointed it’s you … I think it’s tremendous that you asked that question. Go back and tell your editor you asked the question.”

Such a Clooney moment. Love! Lot’s of quick updates to come. Be sure to check my Twitter updates @cheaty and @todaysparent for live tweeting from the (alas, edge of the) red carpet at Clive Owen’s Killer Elite premiere, and from the red carpet at Hello! Canada Magazine’s TIFF party.

xo Haley-O

Photo: via TwitPic

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