Fergie shares glamourous selfie with baby Axl

Singer Fergie shares a glamourous Instagram photo of herself and baby Axl. PLUS a pregnancy weight-loss digression, care of Haley-O.

By Haley Overland

Photo: Fergie via Instagram Photo: Fergie via Instagram

Awww! Check out Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, 38, and her little man, four-month-old Axl Jack, posing for a mom-baby pic on Instagram.

And yes, I said four months. He's four months old. AKA (to borrow my eight-year-old daughter's fave acronym ever...), she gave birth four months ago. AKA she's already lost the weight and looks like her old signature fit self.

<I DIGRESS> I can try to be PC about this and not mention the major pregnancy weight loss. But honestly, it's hard not to notice the new mom's never looked better. And honestly, it took me five long years to lose the baby weight—as, I know, I've told you a zillion times—so I think I can at least point it out without sounding like a shallow weight-obsessed antifeminist? And in all seriousness, pregnancy weight loss is an individual thing, not a competition, and not an ideal whatsoever to strive for when you have a HOST of other priorities ahead of it. I feel strongly about that. Also, this is Fergie's job. She has personal trainers and chefs and an entourage and stylists and other resources us mere mortals don't have. </I DIGRESS>

So anyway, it looks like the "Just Can't Get Enough" singer has been taking baby Axl to work with her. She shared this fabulous pic on the set of her ad campaign for Avon, Wednesday, January 29.

"Mama got to hang with her lil homie today on the set of her #avonoutspoken shoot," she captioned the photo.

Come to think of it... I couldn't imagine myself four months post birth wearing stilettos and a red-sequin mini-mini dress. Is this aspirational? Or totally unrealistic, unimaginable for you, too?

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This article was originally published on Jan 31, 2014